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Our Users

Perfume Closet


We’re collaborating with “Perfume Closet” which is a project by top Japanese pop group “Perfume."

User Interview

Uenishi Clinic


Dr. Uenishi opened a clinic in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, the concept of which being “a place you will want to come back to.” He installed three Atmoph Window devices in the waiting room as part of his efforts to create a comfortable space.

ZIGExN Co., Ltd


We installed 15 Atmoph Window devices when we moved to our new offices. Through these windows you can see a cool, refreshing waterfall, and listen to the sound of the water, too.

User Interview

Taku Emoto


I set my Atmoph Window to change the scenery to a waterfall or a field of hydrangeas whenever rain falls. It's convenient to know when it's raining even if you don't go out, and even rainy days became enjoyable because I can look at beautiful scenery.

User Interview



When I am tired from work, I can relax by looking at the window. When I purchase new views, it makes me feel refreshed.

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