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Atmoph Window Yo

Begin your adventure

This is a new-era “window”
designed to greatly enrich the time you spend in your room.

What is Atmoph Window Yo?

It's innovative home entertainment packed with the features you need for life and the excitement and joy of discovering a new world.

30 tough questions to Atmoph CEO

Atmoph's CEO Kyohi Kang answers 30 frequently asked hard questions. Enjoy!

Atmoph Window Yo and Option Modules

Atmoph Window Yo is a window-shaped smart display that enriches your life. You can enjoy all-original 6K-filmed nature videos with sound from all over the world, 3D games, Google Calendar and even AI guides that support your daily life.

Chatting about Yo

You'll hear from the three co-founders as they share various stories about Atmoph, from the origin of the name "Yo" to the our future vision. You’ll find a plenty of firsthand insights, too.

Message from Atmoph CEO

Announcement of our new ambitious product, Atmoph Window Yo with Atmoph Scope, from Kyohi Kang, CEO of Atmoph.

It's not a TV, a smartphone, or a VR/XR device.
It connects your room with the world you have yet to see.


Up to 5 units can be connected via Bluetooth to create breathtaking and inspiring landscapes.


Over 1,700 original landscapes
in 50 countries

Our professional videographers have filmed original 6K landscape footages from around the world. The beaches of Hawaii, the streets of London, all of it is yours.


Travel the world freely

Spin the 3D globe and set out on an adventure to any place you like. Learn about the culture and history of the place through beautiful landscape videos and original explanatory texts about the region.

Edition Pass

Beyond Reality

From the Netflix classic "Stranger Things," the most-watched drama of all time, to Kojima Productions' hit game "DEATH STRANDING," played by 16 million people worldwide. We will warp your room to the world that everyone knows.

Edition Pass | Stranger Things Edition Pass | DEATH STRANDING

Explore the World
with Atmoph Scope

Get more out of your Atmoph Window Yo with the world's first telescopic controller. Point and zoom where you want to focus. Your own discoveries await.

Zoom and Discover

Zoom in and discover the things you wouldn’t notice from a distance. Swaying grass and trees, cityscapes, and animals passing by. You can capture the moment of your discovery and share it with others.


Discover creatures hidden in the landscape, collect cards and unlock the secrets of the world. Beyond the grass, in the shadows of the forest, in the river... With Atmoph Scope in hand, set out on an adventure.

There are many more games to come. (To be added in 2024 through a system update)


Clock, Google Calendar, weather forecast. All the information you need in your room is at a glance. No need to take your smartphone out of your pocket to unlock it.
Once you set the rhythm of your life with the Daily Routine, on/off, alarms, etc. are fully automatic. In Auto mode, the landscape also changes with the time.

AI AssistantsLimitless

Do you have any questions about the landscape? Our AI assistant can answer them all. 'How many hours from Tokyo to this place?' 'What are some recommended restaurants nearby?' No matter the question, leave it to us.


If you come across a great scenery on your trip, it is good to take pictures, but why not take the whole scenery home with you? Upload your captured landscape videos from your computer or smartphone and enjoy through the window.

Decorate the Inside

Wooden doors, bay windows, palatial window frames, even snowfall. The Decoration function displayed in the window will completely change the atmosphere of the room.


Display real-time information such as a clock, today's schedule (Google Calendar), weather forecast, location names, and the number of people viewing the scenery.


Automatically selects and switches from more than 1,700 landscapes. If you set your current location, the system will always pick a landscape that matches the time of day, such as an evening landscape in the evening or a nighttime landscape at night.

Choice of Controls

Control the Atmoph with the buttons on the device, the Atmoph Scope, or by voice control via the smartphone app or Siri.

View Information

Atmoph's original texts are readable and provide in-depth information on the country's culture, history, and even tourist attractions. Ideal for prepping for your next trip.

Live Streaming

You can see the "now" of the world through live cameras installed in various locations, and feel the seasonality and time difference that only live broadcasting can provide.


A new musical experience that lets you enjoy landscapes through sound. Sounds played on felt pianos, acoustic guitars, harps, and other instruments blend in with Atmoph's landscapes and the nature of everyday life.

Daily Routine

Turn on the window at the time you wake up in the morning. Check the day's schedule and be notified by a bird alarm sound when it is time to leave the house. At night, dim the screen and go to bed for a deep sleep with sound-only.

User ViewsLimitless

In addition to landscapes filmed by Atmoph videographers, we also present a selection of landscapes filmed by Atmoph users. Send a "like" to the adventures of our friends.


7.5x Powerful Window

Compared to the previous generation product Atmoph Window 2, Atmoph Window Yo is dramatically more powerful: 7.5 times overall, 4 times more CPU performance, astonishing 15 times more GPU performance, 4 times more memory capacity, and 2 times more storage capacity. Enjoy the thrill of real-time 3D rendering.

It is the fastest window in the world.

Option Modules

Sunlight Bar

LEDs simulate natural sunlight. The brightness automatically changes to match the landscape, such as sunrise or sunset. You can also change the mood of the room by adjusting the RGB to your favorite color.

Charging Sill

That space in front of the window where you might want to put some small things. You can wirelessly charge your smartphone or earbuds. When placed on a desk, it becomes a stand.

Wood Speaker Box

Luxury wooden surface, rich sound. Connect via Bluetooth to play music from your smartphone or plug in headphones for your own special meditation session.

Atmoph Window Yo

Size and weight

Size : 5.1" x 14.8" x 2.2" (638 x 376 x 55mm)

Weight : 9.9lbs (4.5kg)

Easy to Install

A wall-mounting guide is included in the package for easy installation with your favorite hooks.

How to hang Atmoph Window 2 on the wall?

Technical specs

  • 27-inch High-Contrast Display (1080x1920, Anti-Glare)
  • Cortex-A76 2.35GHz x4 + Cortex-A55 1.8GHz x4
  • GPU: Arm Mali-G610 MP4
  • H.265 Hardware Decoder
  • 8GB Memory
  • 128GB Internal Storage
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 ax(Wi-Fi6)/ac/b/g/n (5GHz/2.4GHz)
  • Bluetooth: 5.2
  • 3W Full Range Speaker x1
  • USB-C Power

All products are currently under development and product specifications and design are subject to change.

System requirements

A stable WiFi connection is required for streaming and downloading landscape videos, as well as for accessing various types of information. Since videos are large files (ranging from 1GB to 2GB per landscape), it is not recommended to use them on a network with a limited data capacity.


Atmoph original Views x 3 (pre-installed)
Furthermore, Atmoph View lineups have 1,700 footages, which are available either with monthly subscription or single purchase.


Atmoph Powered by Earth's Majesty

Through Atmoph Window, we like to show the earth as it really is to as many people as possible. We believe this will help all of us to travel, learn about new places and culture, meet others from all over the world, and connect with one another.

Although the Atmoph Window is an electronic product, we strive to minimize the environmental impact of its manufacture. We use environmentally friendly materials and minimize packaging, especially when it comes to the packaging materials that make up the bulk of the package.

Now from $549