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The world of “DEATH STRANDING”, created by world-renowned game creator Hideo Kojima, has now come to Atmoph Window! A world you have never yet seen, the sheer beauty of nature and splendour of buildings, that spans across a vast Open World, all meticulously rendered in CG.

Anyone who has Atmoph Window
can purchase the “DEATH STRANDING” Views

Users of the Atmoph Window 2 / Atmoph Window Yo can purchase this Pass, featuring 5 scenes from the world of ”DEATH STRANDING" that everyone will enjoy.

Mountain Stream Area

Eastern Region, UCA

The first View is set in the mountain stream area in the Eastern Region of the UCA. The view of the rocky, moss-covered banks of the river shifts as the clouds and light change above.

Inside the Distribution Center, West of Capital Knot City

Eastern Region, UCA

The second View is set in the K2 Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. You’ll see the distribution center just as you remember it from the game - from the digital displays and the lifts moving all around, to the elevator to the private room - they’re all like they’re really on the other side of your window.

The Chiral Network Facility

Central Region, UCA

The third View overlooks a chiral network relay. The rain-soaked landscape with a beautiful ever-changing aurora overhead can only be seen in the world of ”DEATH STRANDING".

Distribution Center, South of Lake Knot City

Central Region, UCA

The forth View is set at the K4 Southern Distribution Center at Lake Knot City. Lake Knot City also appeared in Vol. 1, but this time, the iconic BRIDGES logo on the exterior of the distribution center deepens your immersion into the world of ”DEATH STRANDING".



The fifth View is of the beach bathed in the light of a crimson sun. Contrasting with the striking monochromatic landscape of the beach from Vol. 1, you can enjoy this beach scene awash in the deep red light of the sun.

Connecting two or three Atmoph Window
the view becomes broad and wide

When two or three Atmoph Windows are placed in a row, the View seamlessly expands, and vehicles and creatures come and go between Window frames. Please enjoy the kind of sense of openness and freedom you feel when opening a window onto a new world.

(“DEATH STRANDING” Views are not available for more than 3 devices of Panorama.)

Special Alarms Exclusive to Edition Pass Vol. 2

Choose from a variety of sound effects from ”DEATH STRANDING" to use as alarms through the Daily Routines function - feel just like you’re in ”DEATH STRANDING" every day with calls from Heartman and Deadman, sounds from Odradek, or the message that plays when you recycle cargo. You’ll even see icons pop up alongside the alarm.

Bookmark your favorite View
with “DEATH STRANDING” version “like”

With Edition Pass | DEATH STRANDING, you are able to bookmark your favorite Views with a unique “DEATH STRANDING” version “like” icon. You can enjoy your own “My Favorite” playlist with the Views added with your “Like”

Edition Pass | DEATH STRANDING Vol. 2

Package version / Download version

$54 (tax vary by country)

  • * Product, Views, and packaging specifications are currently under development and are subject to change.
  • * The "DEATH STRANDING" exclusive frame is no longer available.