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The Netflix series "Stranger Things" is a worldwide hit. The world of this mystery-adventure, which has enthralled fans around the world and become a social phenomenon, is now available in Atmoph Window 2.

The fictional 80s Indiana town of Hawkins comes to life

Upon hanging the Atmoph Window on the wall, anyone can enjoy sounds and videos of views from around the world unfold on this window-shaped smart display. And now, the adventure-filled world of “Stranger Things” now joins the roster alongside 1,700 original Views filmed all over the world. Atmoph's original CG technology brings both the human world of “Stranger Things” and “The Upside Down” existing in parallel to the human world, to life in Atmoph Window 2. Fans who really into Stranger Things should not miss this.

Anyone who has Atmoph Window 2 can purchase the “Stranger Things” Views.

Three of these views have been selected from the world of “Stranger Things” to be included in the Edition Pass, which can be purchased by all users for Atmoph Window 2.

Byers’ Living Room


The first View is the living room of Will's house, where Will, who disappeared on November 6, 1983, and his mother, Joyce, communicate with each other through the flashing lights decorating the living room. This is a striking scene in which the existence of "The Upside Down" is revealed by Will.

Starcourt Mall


The second View is a scene from the Starcourt Mall at night. This is a key location in Season 3, and the neon lights of the mall and the occasional passing car provide a simulated experience of being transported back in time from the 80s.

The Mind Flayer

The Upside Down

The third View is the most memorable scene from the series, The Mind Flayer. "The Upside Down" suddenly appears in Hawkins. The Mind Flayer is a mysterious, writhing figure in a sky streaked with lightning. This view brings “Stranger Things” fans around the world the excitement of seeing The Mind Flayer ruling the world overwhelmingly outside their windows.

Connecting two or three Atmoph Window 2
the view becomes broad and wide

All of the “Stranger Things” Views are Panorama Views, which can be viewed across three screens. When two or three Atmoph Window devices are placed in a row, the View seamlessly expands, and vehicles and creatures come and go between Window frames. We hope users enjoy the kind of sense of openness and freedom felt when opening a window onto a new World.

(“Stranger Things” Views are not available for more than 3 devices of Panorama.)

Edition Pass will be delivered at random from one of six different card designs.

Edition Pass | Stranger Things

$39 (tax vary by country)


* Product, Views, and packaging specifications are currently under development and are subject to change.

STRANGER THINGS ™/© Netflix. Used with permission.

Set Items

Atmoph Window 2 | Stranger Things
This set includes Atmoph Window 2 [Basic] (White or Black) and Edition Pass | Stranger Things, saving you a lot compared to purchasing separately (*vary by rate).
  • $469
  •  (tax vary by country)
Atmoph Window 2 | Stranger Things (3 screen set)
This set includes three Atmoph Window 2 [Basic] (White or Black) and Edition Pass | Stranger Things, saving you a lot compared to purchasing separately (*vary by rate).
  • $1,289
  •  (tax vary by country)

About Atmoph Window 2

1,700 unique Views taken by Atmoph

Stunning mountain-top vistas, beautiful ocean views, evening lights. The streetscape of your favorite country. You can enjoy 1,700 unique views, all taken in 4K/6k resolution by Atmoph. We can take you to a multitude of places in surround sound. Each looped video lasts for 15 minutes. The choice only grows, as new Views are added from around the world each month. With the Unlimited Monthly Plan, you can enjoy as many Views as you like from $9.

Unique Window Views taken by Atmoph from around the world

1,700 Views, 15 minutes length

A large variety of choice in Views

$9 per month as many Views as you like

Limitless Monthly Plan

From $5.99 per View

Add your favorite Views one by one

Even More Window-Like

By connecting your windows either vertically or horizontally, you can enjoy an impressive View that’s even bigger than ever. With up to five units in a row horizontally and two vertically, they will fit a wide range of wall sizes. Now you can see fish swimming leisurely underwater from window to window at a Caribbean resort - with the View unfolding before your eyes, you’ll feel like you’re really there.


One of the best things about a window is the sunlight shining through. With the Atmoph Window 2’s LED Module installed, you can feel like real sunlight is coming through your window.

LED Module

You can change the feel of your room completely with decorations like blinds, wood frames, or the windows of an exotic palace, and even seasonal patterns for Halloween or Christmas.

Change the inner frame of your Window to suit your mood

From the impactful sounds of Niagra Falls, to the comforting murmur of a stream, the two internal speakers vibrate the entire screen to create expansive and realistic sound.

The entire frame vibrates as a speaker

While the Atmoph Window 2 does just fine sitting atop a desk or other surface, it can be hung on the wall for an even more immersive experience. Click here for the easiest way to hang it to minimize marking the wall.
How to hang Atmoph Window 2 on the wall?

Easy to hang on the wall

Learn about the World

With breathtaking scenery, including enticing ocean views, nightscapes, and elegant street corners from distant countries, you can enjoy 1,700 views from countries all over the world, filmed in Atmoph’s own 4k/6k format along with realistic sound. All our Views have been filmed by videographers across the world exclusively for Atmoph, and can only be seen here. Every month, we add more Views, and our lineup is ever growing.

1,700 ViewsLimitless

If you’re ever feeling like you’re at a loss for which View to pick, let the Window pick for you. With 1,700 Views to choose from, the Window will select Views to match the time of day and automatically switch between them.


With Atmoph’s specially written descriptions, you’ll get to know the country through its particular culture and history, and you’ll even get to know some landmarks - making it a quick guide to everything you might want to know when planning your own trip.

View Information

With the 3D globe on our Maps feature, you can explore the world. From Europe to America, and from America to Asia, you can zoom in to pins on the map and experience any Views the Atmoph Window 2 has at that location.


Seven highly unique AI guides will be able to answer any questions you might have about a View, from making a plan for sightseeing in the area, to information on the origin of place names. You can ask whatever questions you like of the guide there just for you.


With our live cameras set up in a number of locales, you can now get a glimpse of what’s going on now around the world. You can feel what it’s like to be in all these locations with the current time of day and season only with the live camera.

Live Streaming

Smart Customization

When you link with Google Calendar, you can check your family’s schedules on a large 27 inch screen. Turn on the Weather Forecast to check the weather before you leave so you’ll never have to wonder if you need your umbrella.

Check the weather and your calendar on a big screen

The bright light turns on in the morning right when you wake up. After you’ve checked your appointments for the day, an alarm tells you when it’s time to head out. At night, the screen dims and switches over to sound only for deep sleep. With Daily Routines, you can go about your day at your own tempo.

Daily Routines

In addition to Atmoph’s own Views, you can also now see Views filmed by Atmoph’s users from your own window. Send them a "Good" on their View to transcend borders and feel connected with the person on the other side of your window.

User ViewsLimitless

Now you can enjoy your own Views of your travels or your hometown on the Atmoph Window 2. Make a Playlist with only the Views you uploaded and take those vacation memories home with you.


Experience a new kind of sound alongside your View. The sounds of felt pianos, acoustic guitars, harps and more blend together naturally with Atmoph’s views and your daily life. The sound is different every time you hear it, with each time being something new you will only ever hear once.


You can operate the window a number of ways - through the main button, the specially-made Atmoph Remote, the smartphone app, and Siri. Try each one out and see which one suits your lifestyle the best!

Choose the Operation Method you Like, easier than ever

Atmoph Window 2 [Basic]

44,800 JPY(exl. tax)

No longer available for sale.

Atmoph Window 2 [Wood]

69,800 JPY(exl. tax)

No longer available for sale.

Edition Pass will be delivered at random from one of six different card designs.

Edition Pass | Stranger Things

$39 (tax vary by country)


* Product, Views, and packaging specifications are currently under development and are subject to change.

STRANGER THINGS ™/© Netflix. Used with permission.