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The world of “DEATH STRANDING”, created by world-renowned game creator Hideo Kojima, has now come to Atmoph Window 2! A world you have never yet seen, the sheer beauty of nature and splendour of buildings, that spans across a vast Open World, all meticulously rendered in CG.

That overwhelmingly beautiful scenery
created by Hideo Kojima is now here

The Atmoph Window 2 is a smart window, where simply by hanging it on your wall you can enjoy views from across the globe in sound and images right before your eyes. 1,700 Views have been taken from around the world, and now, we are so excited to present the first virtual game world View to Atmoph Window. Please enjoy the alluring, at times harsh world of “DEATH STRANDING” set in US in the future, created by renowned Hideo Kojima.

Anyone who has Atmoph Window 2
can purchase the “DEATH STRANDING” Views

Edition Pass | DEATH STRANDING includes six Views from the world of “DEATH STRANDING”. With this pass, anyone who owns Atmoph Window 2 can enjoy the world of “DEATH STRANDING”.

Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City

Central Region, UCA

The first View is of Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. In this View, where the beauty and vastness of nature abounds, you can enjoy the occasional rainbow in the sky, and fog enveloping the land, a View that you could look at forever and ever.

The South Knot City Ruins in Timefall

Eastern Region, UCA

The second View is of the ruins of South Knot City under Timefall, a key component of the world of “DEATH STRANDING”. Rain, so difficult to fully depict in real-world footage, is brought to you together with the beautiful sound of rainfall via the world of “DEATH STRANDING.”

Road Over the River

Eastern Region, UCA

The third View is a vast landscape of devastated field in the U.S. This View of the endlessly flowing river with stunning snow-covered mountains towering behind is so true-to-life your whole room becomes immersed in this world.

Timefall Farm

Central Region, UCA

The fourth View is of Timefall Farm. Please enjoy this scene where crops are harvested using Timefall, the sprinkler showing a unique motion each time the rain falls down.

Mountain Knot City

Central Region, UCA

This View is of snow-covered mountains in Mountain Knot City. In this View, not only can you watch the buckets of powder snow plummeting down, but also enjoy a change in weather, as the sky clears to reveal a spectacular rainbow.



The sixth View is of the Beach, the most iconic scene from “DEATH STRANDING” and was specially selected by KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS. By gazing upon the endless series of waves crashing against the shore, this view arouses once again all those emotions you felt when playing the game itself.

Connecting two or three Atmoph Window 2
the view becomes broad and wide

When two or three Atmoph Window 2’s are placed in a row, the View seamlessly expands, and vehicles and creatures come and go between Window frames. Please enjoy the kind of sense of openness and freedom you feel when opening a window onto a new world.

(“DEATH STRANDING” Views are not available for more than 3 devices of Panorama.)

BT decoration
with sound and unpredictable movement

The decoration, which looks as if BT is approaching, is a benefit that only comes with the purchase of the Edition Pass | DEATH STRANDING. This is an unprecedented decoration with movement and sound that will make you feel the world of “DEATH STRANDING” even more.

Bookmark your favorite View
with “DEATH STRANDING” version “like”

With Edition Pass | DEATH STRANDING, you are able to bookmark your favorite Views with a unique “DEATH STRANDING” version “like” icon. You can enjoy your own “My Favorite” playlist with the Views added with your “Like”


Package version / Download version

$54 (tax vary by country)

  • * Product, Views, and packaging specifications are currently under development and are subject to change.
  • * The "DEATH STRANDING" exclusive frame is no longer available.