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Unlimited Views with Atmoph Window 2

With the Limitless plan, you have access to over 1,200 Views for as little as 980 yen/month.
New Views are added every month and various features are available to enjoy.

See the Plans

Let your Window choose your View for you

If you turn on Auto, your Window will automatically choose from over 1,200 Views. It will play the recommended Views from themed playlists or your chosen favorites, or even switch your View according to the times of the sunrise and sunset each day.

My Favorites





World Heritage

See what’s happening around the world

Live Streaming is a feature that allows you to see Views from across the world through webcams installed in various locations. Live Streaming allows you to experience unique local seasonalities and time differences in real time.

30 days free trial now on offer!

Pricing Plans

All plans include unlimited access to over 1,200 Views.

30 days free




for 1 Atmoph Window device

30 days free




for 2 - 3 Atmoph Window device

30 days free




for 4 or more
Atmoph Window device

All of the following features are available

Full access to over 1,200 Views

Automatic play

including Views to suit the time of day and playlist feature

Upload feature (available soon)

Unlimited access to Live Streaming

'*non-subscribers have maximum access of three lots of ten minutes per day'


Is it compulsory to join the Limitless plan?

No, this plan is not compulsory. Initially, three Views are made available on the Atmoph Window 2, so please enjoy these. Furthermore, you could choose the plan for purchasing view individually from the View Store (from $95.99 per View or $9.99 yen per Panorama View), too.

I want to change my Limitless plan.

If you would like to change your Limitless plan, please cancel your existing plan and re-subscribe to a new plan. You can also change your plan during the 1 month free period (at no additional charge). For more information on how to cancel your subscription, please refer to the article below.

What is a free trial?

When you subscribe to Limitless, you can enjoy the first 30 days free of charge. If you cancel before the trial ends, you will not be charged.

・You will need to register a credit card in order to use the service.
・You can also change your Limitless plan during the trial (to change your plan, please refer to this article).

How do I subscribe the Limitless plan?

You can join the Limitless plan directly from the Atmoph Window 2. Be noted that you could not subscribe or cancel your plan through smartphones or PCs.

When first booting up the Atmoph Window 2, the plan selection page will be shown as the image below, so choose the plan you’d like to join. To check which Limitless plan you’ve currently joined, go to MENU > Account > Payment.

To start the Limitless plan, you need to register a credit card.

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