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“ONE PIECE”, the famed Japanese media franchise known the world over, has produced a wide range of games and various other media, and continues to expand to be the pinnacle of youth-oriented entertainment. The world of adventures of “ONE PIECE” now makes its debut on the Atmoph Window, allowing users to embark on an adventure whenever they please.

Specially Selected Fan Favorite Scenes from the Adventures on the “Grand Line”

Upon hanging the Atmoph Window on the wall, anyone can enjoy sounds and videos of views from around the world unfold on this window-shaped smart display. And now, the adventure-filled world of “ONE PIECE” now joins the roster alongside 1,700 original Views filmed all over the world. Set sail on the “Grand Line” with the Pirate King hopeful Luffy and his friends and compatriots!

Anyone who has Atmoph Window
can purchase the “ONE PIECE” Views

Three of these views have been selected from the world of “ONE PIECE” to be included in the Edition Pass, which can be purchased by all users of Atmoph Window. Now anyone can enjoy Views from “ONE PIECE” on their Atmoph Window.

The Capital of Water

Water Seven

The first View depicts the city Water Seven. An island on the first half of the “Grand Line”, it is commonly known as The Capital of Water. Home to a bustling shipbuilding industry, the protagonist and leader of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy, makes a stop off here for repairs on his ship, the Going Merry.

The Gate of Justice

Enies Lobby

The second View is set at the Gate of Justice at Enies Lobby. Enies Lobby is the site of the courts under the jurisdiction of the World Government. Protected by an iron wall built 800 years ago at the founding of the World Government, the Straw Hat Pirates siege the island with hopes of recapturing it.

After the Marineford Summit War


The third View depicts the aftermath of the Summit War at Marineford, the headquarters of the Marines, the site where the greatest battle of the Age of Pirates unfolded. This battle brought about the deaths of Ace and Whitebeard, and fractured the world order, ending one era and beginning the new.

Project Pt.2
Get Free Views!

In celebration of ONE PIECE Day on 7/22, we’re offering 2 One Piece views as a free gift!

Owners of the Atmoph Window can use the coupon code "ONEPIECE2023" to get them for free. *

*You can redeem the code on your device by navigating to the following menu: MENU > Account > Coupon. Click here to see how to redeem the coupon code on the first generation Atmoph Window.

Waford and the Thousand Sunny


First introduced in the video game “ONE PIECE ODYSSEY“, Waford is an island shrouded in great mystery. While sailing the seas, the Straw Hat Pirates were caught up in a massive storm, and were swept to the island surrounded by storms. This View features a familiar sight - the Straw Hat Pirates’ second ship, the Thousand Sunny.

Alubarna at Night

Arabasta Kingdom

Alubarna, the capital of the desert kingdom of Arabasta. High ramparts surround the 4,000 year old Alubarna Royal Palace. A Poneglyph lies in the tomb of the royal family, recording the location of the ancient weapon, the Pluton.

Connecting two or three Atmoph Window
the view becomes broad and wide

All of the “ONE PIECE” Views are Panorama Views, which can be viewed across three screens. When two or three Atmoph Window devices are placed in a row, the View seamlessly expands, and vehicles and creatures come and go between Window frames. We hope users enjoy the kind of sense of openness and freedom felt when opening a window onto a new World.

(“ONE PIECE” Views are not available for more than 3 devices of Panorama.)

Edition Pass is compatible with all Atmoph Window models

Edition Pass | ONE PIECE

Package version / Download version

¥3,850 (incl. tax)


* Product, Views, and packaging specifications are currently under development and are subject to change.

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