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glafit Co., Ltd.


“We’d like to be the next Honda (one of the leading Japanese brands in mobility)” Narumi, CEO of glafit Co., Ltd., told us. He is also crazy about digital gadgets, so much so that he gets a new PC or mobile phone once every half a year. He installed three Atmoph Window devices, one in his office, one in his conference room, and one in his house.

Q. Please tell us how did you find out about Atmoph Window?

A. I found it out about it on Makuake (one of the largest crowdfunding service in Japan). At the same time, Atmoph Window was one of the products I thought that I wanted to make someday in the future. Actually, I’m such a digital gadget lover. In my thoughts, I’d like to make a product that really looks like a fine art painting, but you can see 4K live streaming around the world through it. For example, the African savannah would be great. I wish I could have it on the wall in the house like an artwork. Four or five years ago, I just thought, “I should make it because I could not find the same kind of gadget anywhere. “ Then, I found Atmoph Window on Makuake and thought “Here it is! It’s really like what I had been thinking about.”

Since my core business is manufacturing vehicles, it tends to be postponed, but there is always "a list of other things I want to make.” In everyday life, I find something, new things it would be so cool if they existed. Atmoph Window was on my list, too.

Q. What did you think about Atmoph Window?

A. It was exactly just as I expected.

Actually, I’ve used crowdfunding services many times. However, it always made me disappointed, almost four out of five times. When it arrived, I would be like ‘Huh?’. I really felt let down. In contrast, Atmoph Window is outstanding. It might be the first time that a product truly meets my expectations.

No kidding. I’ve tried to use many digital gadgets such as speakers, earphones, bags, clothes, wallets and so on. Although the promotion videos look so great and I’m so excited when the product arrives, sometimes the packing or even the product itself is of such low quality. With Atmoph Window, on the other hand, everything is perfect including packing and of course the product itself. I am very satisfied with it and everyone who come to our office is always amazed to see it.

You don’t mention it much on the website, but the white fabric cable you use (the cord that connects the monitor to the AC adaptor) is so amazing. The moment I saw it, I knew you had the right idea. To be honest, what I was worried about the most was the quality of the frame. As thought I’d like to put Atmoph Window in the office, I was wondering what should I do if it was poor quality. But the frame was just like I had hoped. To tell the truth, I was not going to install the Atmoph Window devices if they did not meet my expectations. Needless to say, it’s amazing. I’m very satisfied with it.

Q. How did your team members react after using Atmoph Window?

A. Well, it’s better if we ask them directly.

(Just then, three members of staff came into the office to participate in our interview…)

(CEO Narumi takes his interiors very seriously. The conference room is unified in oak, matching with Atmoph Window’s frame, such as the desk, coat hook, tissue box, a clock etc.)

Everyone wants to touch it. Actually, we didn’t know anything about what the office would be like until it was finished. We all were told not to step into the office. So, Atmoph Window suddenly appeared in front of us. We thought “What is this? ” when we first saw the window. As we tried to operate Atmoph Window, we gradually discovered some of the features like “We can operate it with the proximity sensor!” or “Hey, we can change the landscapes, too!” It’s fun.

Also, we have our shopping channel every Friday broadcast from right here, this room. During a live stream, people can see the time on the Atmoph Window. It’s big enough to see at a glance, better than a clock.

Well, often people asked me “why is a corner of your office always shining at night? ” As we turn on Atmoph Window 24 hours a day, they can see the display shining.

Q. Is there anything that you want from Atmoph Window in the future?

A. If possible, I’d like to see a cordless Atmoph Window. Ideally, battery charging through wireless would be the best. Or, I’d like for all the cables to be put together into one AC adaptor, especially when I use the Panorama feature. Now, cables are only available coming out from the bottom, but in the future, it might also be good to have the power source potentially coming out from the top, too.

And ... are you going to make it possible to add Views via the glafit channel? How about a display that shows our vehicles come out on screen one by one, and then drive around. Please for sure add a "vehicle" genre to the View Store!

glafit Co., Ltd.
Next generation mobility company including developing and manufacturing of the hybrid bike "glafit" that combines the characteristics of bicycle plus motorcycle. glafit was originated from the two words "glad" and “fit." It comes from their motto to “make everyday life full of smile and fun.” They have a desire to make something new from scratch, starting with two wheels, four wheels, even vehicles that fly in sky and space.

glafit bike
glafit bike is a smart foldable electric hybrid bike. It is quite a new genre of next generation mobility equipped with both an electric motor and manual power by pedaling. Eco-friendly, it uses100% electric energy as a power source.

It was developed under the vision of "making people’s mobility more convenient, comfortable, and fun.” At Makuake, one of the Japanese leading crowdfunding services, they reached their goal only 3 hours after the project went up. This project also raised the most funds in Japan.