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Taku Emoto

Ballet dancer

I set my Atmoph Window to change the scenery to a waterfall or a field of hydrangeas whenever rain falls. It's convenient to know when it's raining even if you don't go out, and even rainy days became enjoyable because I can look at beautiful scenery.

Q. Please tell us what made you purchase Atmoph Window.

A. First of all, I like useful electronic products, and I was attracted by what Atmoph Window is proposing. It was covered in an article on a website I often visit, and I remember that I was attracted by the concept of it being a window through which you can look at scenery, akin to the "Anywhere Door" from the Doraemon cartoon.I’ve always enjoyed traveling alone, and have done a lot of it. When I’m in a private open-air bath in an inn all day, gazing at the scenery and listening to the sounds of nature, I just sit there relaxed, and I come up with new ballet moves, or ideas on how to better teach students who can’t dance well.

However, staying in these hot spring inns costs money, it takes time to get there, and there are a lot of times when they’re too occupied so they can’t let you stay all by yourself, so right at the time when I gave up because it was hard to find a place to stay, I found out about Atmoph Window on the Internet, and that made me buy it.

Q. Are there any noticeable changes after putting up an Atmoph Window?

A. At first, it only served as a window, but I would get sleepy in the blink of an eye when I watched the fireplace view on the Atmoph Window on cold winter nights, and, on summer mornings, I would be awakened by the sound of waves on the sea, so the heat which made it hard to sleep became much more bearable.

I set my Atmoph Window to change the scenery to a waterfall or a field of hydrangeas whenever it’s raining outside. It’s convenient to know when it’s raining even if you don’t go out, and even rainy days have become enjoyable because I can look at beautiful scenery.

I have been planning to build a new house ever since autumn of last year, and I thought it would be nice if I could make a room where I would be able to put up 3 Atmoph Windows neatly. So as to not ruin the scenery, I’m modeling my room based on a room from an inn that I like.

Now I can look at the window and see a sea or a forest when I wake up in the morning, even without going to an inn. As for any noticeable changes, my room, which had been quite messy up until now, became neater and cleaner because of, among other reasons, my wish to put up an Atmoph Window in a fitting environment, and, because I modeled my room and the Atmoph Window scenery based on the ryokan, I stopped making it as messy as before.

Q. After using the product, what do you think is the most attractive thing a digital window has to offer?

A. The fact that you can choose the scenery you want freely, and change it according to the time of the day or season. Even when I'm busy with work and can't go to the seaside, go cycling in nature or go to Disneyland, when I look up at the wall, the Atmoph Window presents me with a miraculous sight, different from that of a TV even though it has the same screen, akin to a picture or photograph moving.

Q. Please tell us what your favorite landscape is.

A. If it's a single window, it's the fireplace view. Lanikai Beach is also simple and powerful, and Grand Canal 1 is a bit like DisneySea, so it's fun. I also like the feeling of being surrounded by nature when I put on the Mossy Forest in the Shiratani Unsui Gorge view, so I gaze at it before I go to sleep. I have it set so that the Main Pool of Kyoto Aquarium is displayed when the temperature outside exceeds 30°C, so I can feel a bit cooler even if I set the air conditioner to eco mode.

Q. Is there any scenery you would like us to add in the future?

A. Disneyland, the sceneries from Ghibli movies and the ones they're based on. Airplanes taking off and landing on airports, the Kamakurakokomae Station, the horizon seen over the surface of an open-air bath, parks with fountains, a real-time display of the entrance to your house and balcony (serves like a security camera, and having a veranda-like scenery even in rooms where you don't have one is surprisingly interesting), penguins, lions, pandas, and red pandas in a zoo, castles, auroras, ski resorts, open-air baths in the snow, the Earth as seen from space, the Moegi Village in Kiyosato (the merry-go-round and nature sceneries).