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Making Every Day Magic

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Look out your Window,
onto the world of Disney

Atmoph Window is a smart display in the shape of a window. Just hang it on your wall, and you can enjoy the sounds and sites of the world just as if they were right before you. From Hawaii to Paris, Iceland to Egypt: over 1500+ original Views from across the world. There was one View we always wanted to see. One that inspires and moves people from around the globe through the power of fantasy, magic, and imagination. The world of Disney.

The Official Disney Website

Scenes taken from the everyday world inside movies.
Scenic beauty unique to Disney’s live-action films.

Every scene, from each story, so enchanting, so beautiful. We wondered, could it ever be possible to open your Window onto this dream world, as if you too were a character inside it? It has taken four years to take this idea and turn it into a reality. At long last, the new Atmoph Window 2 | Disney is here.

Introducing the special enchanting Views
only available in the Atmoph Disney Model

Atmoph Window 2 | Disney includes in the purchase price three of Atmoph’s original Views, and three Views of scenes from Disney movies. You will also be able to choose from more and more Views over time, as you are magically taken in surround sound and stunning true-to-life scenes to other worlds.

Sunset from the movie “Aladdin”

Agrabah, Arab

The first View is a scene at twilight in the city of Agrabah, from Disney’s 2019 live-action movie Aladdin. A boat floats by along the water, birds glide in formation across the sky. Inside the palace, people busily move about. Please enjoy this magical scene, just moments before the onset of the enchanting Arabian night.

Pride Rock from "The Lion King"

Pride Land

The second View is a scene from the animal kingdom of the vast savanna plains, baby Simba grows into a lion worthy of leading his kingdom under the watch of Pride Rock. Disney’s hugely popular movie Lion King, cherished for its incredibly realistic computer-generated animation and lively depiction of animals and nature. The View of Pride Rock, the hyperrealistic scene of the symbolic boulders that have protected generations of lions, is now brought to you by Atmoph.

Forest of "Maleficent"


The third View is a scene from Disney’s 2014 movie Maleficent. Maleficent, the witch who appears as a villain in “Sleeping Beauty”. Maleficent is feared as wicked, but she was first a beautiful fairy and protector of the Moors, enchanted land of supernatural beings. To revenge humans, she curses Princess Aurora to fall into eternal sleep by the age of 16, but Maleficent is touched by Aurora's innocence and grows to love her. Ultimately, Maleficent's true love towards the princess lifts the curse, and they bond like mother and daughter. Welcome to the dreamlike Moors, a kingdom of stunning flowering fields and forest.

Ballroom from "Beauty and the Beast”

Beast's Castle

The fourth view is a scene from Disney’s 2017 movie. “Beauty and the Beast” is the fantastic journey of Belle, a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the Beast’s hideous exterior and realize the kind heart and soul of the true Prince within. A view of the ballroom, a famous scene where the two of them have a heart-to-heart dance is brought to life by Atmoph’s original CG.
This view can be purchased from Atmoph Window 2 | Disney.

Connecting two or three Atmoph Window 2
the view becomes broad and wide

The Disney movie Views are all Panoramic. That means you can enjoy each of the three Panoramic sections in turn on one screen, or add a second or third screen together in line to create a full Panorama, where moving objects such as boats and animals seamlessly pass from one screen to the next. Open your new Window and feel a new sense of complete freedom.

Special decorations available
unique to the Disney Model

Decorations on the outer rim of the screen to make your Window feel even more real, such as the airplane frame, Christmas decoration frame etc., feature on all our Atmoph Window 2 models. The Disney model however also features a unique decoration choice in the form of your very own palatial window.

Special Alarms Exclusive to the Disney Model

You can set alarms featuring the voice of Mickey Mouse using the Daily Routines function. Make your day the happiest it can be with Mickey’s voice waking you up or helping you to pep up in the afternoon. Alongside his voice, you’ll also see a Mickey icon appear on the window.

(These functions are also available to customers who already own the Disney Model with Wood Frame.)

Mark Your Favorite Views
with the Mickey Mouse Bookmark

Bookmark your favorite Views with an icon exclusive to the Disney Model. You can enjoy a playlist of all your favorite Views made just for you.

(These functions are also available to customers who already own the Disney Model with Wood Frame.)

An Environmentally-Friendly Bioplastic Frame

The frame utilizes bioplastics that can be broken down by microbes naturally, reducing its environmental impact. This bioplastic, composed from starch derived from sources such as corn and potatoes, is biodegradable, and can be decomposed by soil microbes, returning it to the earth.

Atmoph Window 2 | Disney [Bioplastic]

52,800 JPY(exl. tax)


Returns fully refundable within 30 days / one year guarantee

Unlimited View monthly plan free for one month. Product is refundable within 30 days, and one year guarantee is included for your peace of mind. Please try it out.

A Product that gets continually updated

As Atmoph Window 2 is fully connected to the Internet, new features and improvements are added in automatic updates. Your Window always features the newest version.

Continuously growing views

Nature all around the world, cities, animals and underwater, all of those new wonderful views will continuously added into the lineup. Atmoph keeps filming.

Size and weight

  • Size: 25.4” x 15.2” x 2.4” (647 x 386 x 65mm)
  • Weight: 9.9lbs (4.5kg)

Technical specs

  • 27-inch high-contrast display (1920x1080, anti-glare)
  • CPU: 1.9 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A53
  • GPU: Mali-G31
  • H.265 hardware decoder
  • 2GB memory
  • 64GB storage
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 ac/b/g/n (5GHz/2.4GHz)
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • 3W full-range speaker x 2 and 10W vibration speaker
  • AC adapter: 100-240V (50/60Hz)
  • Power: 23W at normal usage, 7W on sleep mode (3 JPY/day for 7 hours/day use)
  • You can use plaster-board pins, nails or screws against two mounting holes on the back.

System requirements

To use Atmoph Window, you will need:
    1. Wi-Fi
    2. Smartphone or tablet (iOS 13 or above, or Android 7.0 or above)


• Disney Views x 3
• Atmoph original Views x 3

Furthermore, Atmoph View lineups have more than 1,500 footages, which are available either with monthly subscription or single purchase.
Lineup of Disney Views will keep expanding.

1. Disney Views are only available for Atmoph Window 2 | Disney model.
2. New views can be easily downloaded from the view list of the Atmoph Window 2 by connecting it to Wi-Fi.

About Atmoph Window 2

Over 1500+ unique Views taken by Atmoph

Stunning mountain-top vistas, beautiful ocean views, evening lights. The streetscape of your favorite country. You can enjoy over 1500+ unique views, all taken in 4K resolution by Atmoph. We can take you to a multitude of places in surround sound. Each looped video lasts for 15 minutes. The choice only grows, as new Views are added from around the world each month. With the Unlimited Monthly Plan, you can enjoy as many Views as you like from $9.

Unique Window Views taken by Atmoph from around the world

1500+ Views, 15 minutes length

A large variety of choice in Views

$9 per month as many Views as you like

Limitless Monthly Plan

From $5.99 per View

Add your favorite Views one by one

Google Calendar and Weather Display

An App that allows you to make the most of the large 27-inch Atmoph Window screen, “Calendar” can be used in conjunction with Google Calendar, making it very convenient to check your family's schedule together or to check the day’s schedule in your busy morning. You can also use Daily Routines to automatically display the weather so that you never forget your umbrella.

Daily Routines

Daily Routines allows you to make the most out of your time every day. Set our Window to turn on with a bright light at just the time you wake up each morning, followed by a display of your essential schedule and the weather, then a View to match each time of the day. When it's time to leave the house, the chimes of a bell or the chirp of a bird can sound the alarm. At night, dim your screen, and at bedtime, set to sound-only for a deep sleep.

Details on each View and Information on your Day at your Fingertips!

In the morning rush when you want to check the weather or time in an instant. Or want to see some particular news story. With Atmoph Window 2 it is so easy! If you find a View you like, you can also check out the details where it was taken at a glance.

Change the inner frame of your Window to suit your mood

Try out the decoration feature and adjust it to your View or the season. Frames for all kinds of situations - your Halloween party, inside an airplane, on a space station - try them out one by one!

Live Streaming

See what’s going on in the world in real time. We plan on increasing the number of camera spots, so you can enjoy the ‘now’ from locations across the world.

The entire frame vibrates as a speaker

Atmoph Window 2 is equipped with a vibration speaker along with a set of stereo speakers, turning the entire screen into a sound experience. From high pitched birds to the thunder of the Niagara Falls, everything sounds truly real.

Place three Windows side by side for a Panoramic View

You can enjoy one full View with three Windows side by side. Fish swim from one Window to the next, boats leave port and head out to sea…How about an even larger, spectacular View from your room?

Optional Modules

There are various additional features possible with Atmoph Window 2 including an LED module and a camera module, which can be placed on the top section of your Window. A Window for the Future with modules to fit your lifestyle.

LED Module

Just as a real window breaks light and warmth to your room, with the LED Module you can enjoy the feeling of natural light streaming down from your Window!

Choose the Operation Method you Like, easier than ever

There are various different ways to operate the Window, using the monitor buttons, the phone App, or the automatic scheduling feature. Try each out, see which suits your lifestyle the best!

Easy to hang on the wall

You can either put Atmoph Window 2 on your desk, or on the wall. Mounting on the wall looks and fits better for most rooms, so have a look at the steps here. It's very easy.

How to hang Atmoph Window 2 on the wall?

Atmoph Window 2 | Disney [Bioplastic]

52,800 JPY(exl. tax)