Upgraded Atmoph Window

5GHz Wi-Fi & Cosmic Silver


New color is Cosmic Silver.

Atmoph Window now has a new color, Cosmic Silver. Its chic and sleek metallic color will fit your minimal room, reflecting your room light on its surface like stars shining in the dark universe.
You can choose your color from Oak, Walnut, White and Black, along with Cosmic Silver.

5GHz, at last.

Atmoph View Store has more than hundreds of 4K-filmed landscape footages and it will continue expanding. Right after you purchase your favorite view, it will be downloaded to Atmoph Window so that you can enjoy the view immediately.
The upgraded Atmoph Window supports not only 2.4GHz but also 5GHz, a lightning-fast network. You can now enjoy Atmoph’s high quality footages without a stress more than ever.

3 times fast. Amazing.

Compared to speed of traditional 2.4GHz, 5GHz network is about 3 times faster theoretically.
Also, signal interference at you home will less occur, as 5GHz frequency is not commonly used by home appliances.

Through a spaceship’s window.

We prepared a new kind of scenery that would best fit to Atmoph Window in Cosmic Silver. How about experiencing a future life on a space travel looking out a window to find Andromeda Galaxy. (This footage is sold at Atmoph View Store.)

Credit: NASAESA, Digitized Sky Survey 2

About Atmoph Window

Be anywhere, right from your room.

By simply putting it on your desk or hanging it on the wall, Atmoph Window will open up a whole new world before you, creating a liberating feel in your room. With videos and sounds of beautiful scenery from around the world, you will feel as if you are actually there. Better time for a better day.
  • Exclusive 4K videos and sounds.

    All videos provided for Atmoph Window are exclusively filmed with a 4K professional camera and high-performance microphone. Besides from free 10 videos installed, you can purchase/download scenery from more than 500 footages all over the world.

  • Information at a glance away

    You can easily see the information you need in that moment with just a glance at Atmoph Window, such as a time, the date, the weather or a calendar synced with Google Calendar.

  • Easy to use.

    Just select a scenery of your choice on your iPhone or Android, after downloading our free app. It’s that simple. You can also make a favorites list or purchase/download additional videos.
    Besides using your phone, you can turn on/off by just waving your hand in front of Atmoph Window, or set up scheduling/timer.

  • View Store lineup

    Every week 5-10 views are added to View Store, ranging from warm beaches and mountains to World Heritage Sites from variety of countries and seasons all over the world
    You can buy each view from $5.99 and the view will be immediately available.

Atmoph Window


Shipping free to US and EU

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