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JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

Public Facility

Tsukuba Space Center is the primary R&D organization for all things related to Space and the Universe in Japan. Space rockets, Satellites, the International Space Station (ISS), Space Probe Hayabusa 2, hypersonic aircraft, you name it they have carried out R&D on it from initial research all the way to development and operation. From May 2018, they are also working on new innovative solutions through such programs as J-SPARC, an innovation partnership with private enterprises working in the space-related industry.

Space Station Operation Center

What began as a project proposal for the J-SPARC program, enabled the realization of an Atmoph Window that does what no real window can, literally bringing life in space to this moment in time. The ISS Mission Control room kindly introduced three panorama Atmoph Window devices that show actual footage from ISS Space Station. Gaze for any amount of time at the view of Earth from the Kounotori space station resupply spacecraft especially, and you will feel like you truly are in space. It is possible to view these Atmoph Window devices on a site tour of the facilities.

Tsukuba Space Center
Address: 2-1-1 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan 305-8505
Site: http://www.jaxa.jp/about/centers/tksc/
Site tours (it is possible to attend a tour of the facilities reservation required)

The Innovation Hub of Japan’s Space Industry X-NIHONBASHI

In November 2018, Innovation Hub X-NIHONBASHI was launched as a hub for space-related industries, from JAXA to start-up enterprises or other groups involved in space-related business ventures. We are privileged to have one Atmoph Window included on the walls of this space, where various space-related events take place, and everyday new innovations are born. Glance up and the sheer beauty of the cobalt blue Earth will engulf you, its magical power reigniting a sense of the universe’s allure in all its infinitude.

JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
J-SPARC(JAXA Space Innovation through PARtnership and Co-creation)