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Henn na Hotel


We are excited to announce that a hotel in Kyoto, Henn na Hotel, the first hotel of its kind in the world, has installed three large 55 inch Atmoph Window Up displays. As you enter the hotel, you are greeted with a truly realistic Panoramic View and, yes, dinosaur concierges.

Henn na Hotel, operated by H.I.S. Hotel Holdings Co., Ltd., prides itself on providing an ultra-exciting experience through its concept of “Commitment to Evolution”, actively incorporating the latest state-of-the-art IoT technology, and robots that provide customer service.

The Atmoph Window Up displays feature in the entrance area, which incorporates the image of Senbon Torii, Fushimi Inari Shrine, in a contemporary design. You can enjoy the Atmoph View of all four seasons, amongst the surreal and futuristic atmosphere of the hotel, which includes dinosaur concierges and a floor projection of swimming carp.

The 55 inch panoramic three-screen display allows a fully immersive true-to-life experience, as you watch boats floating past from screen to screen and trees swaying in the wind. Cherry blossoms in brilliant bloom along Kamo River, the lush green of newly sprouting forests in Arashima, the golden splendor of autumn leaves…you can see, hear, and feel the atmospheric scene of every passing Kyoto season.

Henn na Hotel
Located in front of Hachijo Exit, Kyoto Station
Address: 15 Higashikujo Higashi Sannoucho Minami-ku 601-8004 Kyoto, Japan