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The concept of ameCafe is "a blissful moment," where you can enjoy original sweets made with “CREMIA”, a high-quality soft serve ice cream. The popular "ame Basque Cheesecake," made with locally produced eggs in Iwaki, features a savory burnt taste and rich cheese. Since each cake is baked in the store every day, it can be delivered to the store or delivered nationwide after receiving a reservation. Panoramic Atmoph Windows are currently installed to allow customers to enjoy the spectacular view of the world while savoring our sweets.

Site: https://www.amecafee.com/menu/amecafe/
X: https://twitter.com/ameCafe2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iwakiamecafe/
Address: 4Ookishita, Uchigou-Tsuzuramachi, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima
Open: 11:00〜17:00(Closed on Monday)
Display Model: White (Panorama)/Black